About the job
Applying emerging technologies to solve the “wicked problems” in the world of supply chains and energy transition is not for the faint hearted and comes with a varied task list, such as doing research, problem solving that requires creative approaches, contributing to the open-source communities, fixing bugs in alpha phase software and starting projects from scratch.

About Us 
Blocklab applies emerging technologies to shape the digital future of processes in the logistics and energy sector. As a subsidiary of the Port of Rotterdam, we combine startup culture with the global reach of one of the biggest ports in the world. Our projects have an impact on supply chains and microgrids from Australia to the Netherlands. We continuously push technology boundaries and new tools to largely unsolved problems. We believe in the power of co-creation and regularly collaborate with international business consortia, academia, governments and other start-ups. Together with our partners we make ideas reality and lead the project from a first demonstrator to a viable product.
We like to be fast on our feet; suit and tie, long meetings…not our thing. New technology and getting stuff done? Yes, that’s us! We love coffee, good food and enjoy an afternoon beer every now and then. We are no fans of hierarchies; except when it comes to table tennis rankings. We offer a competitive salary, your own choice of laptop, stimulating fringe benefits and no matter what economists say, a free lunch!
Do you want to work on emerging technology projects that make headlines in Bloomberg and Coindesk? Or that have changed the way authorities look at tokenization? Do you want to launch ports around the world into the digital age? Then BlockLab is the place for you!

The position
Blocklab has grown quickly, doubling the number of developers on a yearly basis. We have attracted a lot of talent over the years, with most of them starting their career with us after their thesis or internship. Our growth is accelerating, and we are therefore on the look-out for several software engineers with between 0 to 2 years of experience.
Our focus on early-stage development of new digital solutions means many projects start from scratch, so there’s plenty of opportunity to bring in your own views and initiative. At the same time, we have a team of experienced developers that can mentor and guide you, as well as seasoned domain exports that understand the industries inside and out, to help you become a better engineer and communicator.


  • Work closely with the lead, fellow engineers, and the product team to deliver new products
  • Plan and develop in alignment with the overall architecture
  • Stay up to date on technical options and help selecting the best fitting solution

Necessary Skills:

  • Strong communication and co-creation skills
  • Strong understanding of computer science and engineering principles most likely obtained through a combination of advanced bachelor or academic study and relevant professional experience
  • Being able to work effectively with a high degree of autonomy
  • Advanced knowledge of a programming language such as: JavaScript, Python, Go and Rust

Desired Skills:

  • Excited about decentralization and the transformation of energy and/or supply-chains sector
  • Experience with cloud services: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and containerizing technologies like Docker and Kubernetes
  • Familiar with test-driven development practices, continuous integration and continuous delivery

Next Steps?
If you’re interested in the position, send an email to careers@blocklab.nl with your:

  • Cover letter
  • Your resume
  • Your work: portfolio of projects and/or your GitHub and/or Stack overflow handle(s)


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